• Product Manufacturer: Herbquest
  • Product Type: tablets
  • Product Guarantee: 120-day
  • Price (1 month supply): 74.95
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Sentia is a non-prescription formula of herbs which include Epimedium, Damiana Leaf, Dodder Seed, Black Cohosh Root, Isoflavones, Valeriana Root, Ginger Root, Ginko Boloba, Bayberry Fruit, Licorice Root, Capsicum Pepper, and Red Raspberry Leaf that help increase the desire and sexual function of women. Results can be achieved within as little as 2 weeks, although after using for 4 weeks you will see even more results.

Sentia focuses on restoring blood flow to damaged areas that have been affected by menopause, child birth, and even medication. Sentia can also help you relax and have more muscle control which leads to a longer climax, making sex less painful and more intense.

The price of Sentia is only $54.95 + shipping and handling. This enrolls you in an auto ship option which sends out Sentia to you every 25 days. After 6 months of receiving Sentia, your auto ship option will stop, unless you request to continue. Sentia offers a 120-day money back guarantee so if you are not completely satisfied you can get your money back, less shipping and handling.

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