• Product Manufacturer: Wishing Inc.
  • Product Type: capsules
  • Product Guarantee: 90-day
  • Price (1 month supply): $49.95
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For the numerous women experiencing difficulty reaching orgasm there is now Nymphomax. Nymphomax is a specially formulated product that has been designed to raise levels of progesterone in women. This has shown to provide enhancement of sexual sensitivity, increased sexual stamina, and improved orgasms. Blood circulation and sensitivity is heightened due to Nymphomax’s proprietary blend of unique herbs while also providing vital nutrients involved with sexual performance. For best results follow the directions of taking three capsules with a meal and a glass of water. Results should start within an hour and clearly stated, is that users should not exceed 6 tablets in a 24 hour period.

Nymphomax contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that include Catuaba (bark) extract, Muira Puama (root), Avena Sativa, Yohimbe (bark), Tribulus Terrestris (fruit) extract, Schizandra (berry) extract, Siberian Ginseng extract, Peruvian Maca (extract), Bilberry (powder) extract, Saw Palmetto, Ginko Biloba extract, Damiana (leaf), and Peppermint (leaf).

One bottle of Nymphomax is priced at $49.95, with quantity savings for when three or six bottles are purchased. Nymphomax also provides a 90-day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

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