Erostat addresses all the angles of sexual dysfunction, including emotional, physical, and psychological. The Erostat formula is designed to help women who are suffering from a poor libido, poor circulation, vaginal pain, and dryness. Erostat is an oral supplement rather than a topical cream, but claim that once the ingredients reach the liver, the ingredients still reach the genital area to help with dryness, pain, and even muscle control of the vagina.

Erostat prides itself as being different than other pills out there for women trying to enhance their sex life. Erostat also mentions that the ingredients in their pills have been used for years to help with many other ailments, but now those ingredients help enhance a womans sex drive. Erostat never discloses what their ingredients are, so if you have any allergies to certain medications or ingredients, please make sure to call and ask prior to purchasing.

Erostats single bottle is specially priced at $47.00 for a one month supply. It used to be $67.00. Erostat also offers a special offer when you buy in multiples. For instance, if you purchase two bottles of Erostat, you get one bottle free. This three month supply deal is normally priced at $201.00 but you only pay $97.00. For a six month supply, you only purchase three to get three free, which is valued at $402.00, but you only pay $137.00. Erostat also offers a full refund, less shipping and handling, for up to 365 days after your purchase date.

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